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So much time...

so little to do

24 June
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Here are the following things you need to know about me...
*I watch The Lord of the Rings every week...some way or another
*I try to read the LOTR trilogy about once every year
*I have a very bad memory
*I love science
*I am bisexual
*I care what you think
*I am very aggressive when need be
*I am a poet
*I am an artist
*I cannot do web designing to save my life
*I have my own sense of style
*I have been in love
*I have been out of love
*I will hate you if you get on my nerves for that is all it takes
*I have magazines in my room, but i dont read them...who does???
Thats it!!!
acrylics, aligators, animagi, animal conservation, aragorn, arwen, auror, azkaban, basilisk, beacons closet, beater, bertha jorkins, bilbo, black, blankets, bludger, boggart, brooms, broomstick, butter beer, cedric, celtic folk lore, centaurs, chamber of secrets, charcoal, charms, chaser, chemistry, chocolate frogs, crabbe, crocodiles, crossword puzzles, crosswords, csi, cupboard under the stairs, dancing, daniel radcliff, dark mark, degnoming, deletrius, diagon alley, divination, dobby, doby, dogs, draco malfoy, dragons, drawing, dumbeldore, dumbledore, dursleys, elvis, enchantments, expelliarmus, eyes, faeries, faery, firebolt, floo powder, flowers, folk lore, forbidden forest, forests, frodo, galadriel, galleon, glue, gnomes, goblins, goyle, grass, grindylow, hagrid, hairclips, harry potter, hedwig, hermione, hermione granger, hiking, hippogriff, hogsmeade, hogwarts, honeydukes, howler, impervius, incendio, kings cross station, lavender, leprachauns, lions, lizards, lord of the rings, lupin, mandrakes, marine biology, markers, merauders map, merry, ministry of magic, ms. norris, music, musicals, nimbus 2000, nomes, obliviate, olivanders, painting, parsel tongue, pencils, physics, pippin, pixies, professor quirll, quidditch, quirell, reparo, ron, ron weasley, rubius hagrid, sam, scabbers, sickle, sirius black, sleeping, snakes, snape, snitch, softball, spells, spiders, sprites, surfing, sweet charity, swimming, the beatles, the dark forest, the hobbit, the prisoner of azkaban, the sorcerers stone, thrift stores, tigers, top gun, transfiguration, turtles, under milkwood, veela, water, wicked, zoology